Committed to reliable and sustainable power in South Africa, we deliver tailored battery backup and solar power solutions. Our long-term energy solutions assure you quality, fit and sustainability.

Lovesun began as a subsidiary of which has provided customers with backup power provision for over 12 years. As ShermanIT extended their footprint into business and residential solar solutions, Lovesun was born.

Choose from 8 power packages and secure an affordable, long-term power solution, tailored to you.

Our packages offer 5+ of run time and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Expect product quality because we demand it

With our high quality standards, we’ve worked with various manufacturers to secure the best quality products and have established reputable supply chains with local support.

We are proud to supply these Tier 1 products.

Expect tailored service quality because we own the installation

We go beyond other installers in using the presale engagement to develop a tailored solution, which is critical to the project’s success.

Taking time to understand your goals, current costs and saving expectations, we help you understand your usage requirements and where your consumption can be reduced.

Balancing your production against your consumption, is key to reducing your dependency on Eskom and generators.

We advise on the right solution, explaining the costs involved and how you can maximise your return on investment.

Care is taken to provide solutions that can expand to suit your future requirements.

Expect efficiency because that is what you deserve

On installation day, our team arrives ready to get started, with the hardware already prepared in our workshop.

We complete a professional installation and address any issues before doing a comprehensive handover.

By providing after sales training, we empower you to manage your environment going forward.

Get powered by solar – Why we are doing it and why you should follow

  • Release yourself from the burden, stress and cost of load shedding.
  • Make an impact with an environmentally sustainable investment.
  • Stop fuelling dirty energy with your money & start harvesting the free energy of the sun.
  • Every megawatt we no longer draw from the grid, is a megawatt Eskom can supply to others.
  • Protect your business and family by ensuring your security cameras, alarm, electric fence, gates and lights, operate reliably.

We offer a range of flexible and affordable solutions:

  • Outright purchase
  • Financing
  • Rental
Let our sales team explore options with you.

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